Mohammed Mutlak Camp
Try the Desert Life with Us!

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Day Hikes (w/overnight)     Desert Trekking (2+ days)        
Our day hikes provide a fantastic way to visit Wadi Rum's most majestic spaces on foot!  After your hike, enjoy a quiet night in our fixed desert camp or choose to have our guides pick a camping spot in the desert to truly experience a night under the stars!  
Bedouin Road
Highlight: visit key touristic sites in Wadi Rum Valley
Physical Rating: Moderate
Price: 65 JD per guest (2+ guests)
Jebel Khasch
Highlight: scenic views atop Khasch Ridge
Physical Rating: Moderate
Price: 70 JD per guest (2+ guests)
Jebel Burdah
Highlight: climb Wadi Rum's highest rock bridge
Physical Rating: Vigorous
Price: 90 JD per guest (2+ guests)
Jebel Um Adaami
Highlight: climb Jordan's tallest mountain
Physical Rating: Vigorous
Price: 75 JD per guest (2+ guests)