Enjoy all beauty of Wadi Rum on the ships of the desert: the camel

Start your camel tour with one of our professional camel guides.

Each of our local guides, all members of the Bedouin tribes indigenous to the area, has a personal and professional knowledge of the reserve and its sites. Although our camel guides are not fluent English speakers, they have a deep understanding of their profession and their animals.

If you are interested to do a camel tour for the entire day, we are happy to provide you with more details



We have different tours you can choose from.

Prices are per camel and one person goes per camel.

  • From Wadi Rum Village:
    30 minutes: JD 10
    1.5 hour: JD 15
    3 hours: JD 30


  • Tour from village to camp or from camp to village
    3 hours JD 30 / 4 hours JD 40

  • From Camp site:
    1.5 hour: JD 30
    3 hours: JD 30



Children 5 and under: free
Ages 6 – 12:  50% off

Wadi Rum desert

Aqaba Governorate

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