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Class Description

Want to know more about East culture and local cuisine? This class is for you! Learn how techniques make some food in the ground and try a new taste of regular ingredients. Come and learn the secret of Bedouins food!

What we propose:

The Middle East is known by its old culture and great past.
One of the thing that captures the spirit is the culture and traditions.

The cuisine is really worth to try it. That’s why we made such an opportunity for our tourist.


Eating in Jordan is primarily a social experience. First cookery courses from local cooks in Wadi Rum desert. Come and learn the secret of Bedouins food. Our cooking class teaches how to cook local food and it’s very easy and doesn’t need experience. You will be guided and demonstrated by our experienced chef in our camp in the desert with beautiful surrounded.


 What does our cook thing about it?

— For all my cooking career, I understand that I want not only to cook delicious food and also share the experience with people from all over the world. Culinary is an art where everyone can find himself.


What to expect:

Great cooking is about more than recipes — it’s about techniques. In our classes, you’ll work together with another tourist in a fun and our chef will help you.

* You will work with other tourists in groups of 4
* Hands-on classes are limited to 16 persons
* You will be standing, cooking and working for most of the class
* Please wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and have long hair tied back
* You will enjoy a generous taste of every dish
* Classes are 3 to 3 1/2 hours unless otherwise noted above


What will you get after?

1.You will acquire unique skills
2.You will get acquainted with the new cuisine and culture of the Middle East.
3.In a cheerful atmosphere, you will get new friends from all over the world
4.At home, you can easily repeat everything and make surprise your guests not the typical dish.



-Zerb (Zerb is one of the beautiful and delicious treasures of Bedouin culture. For centuries Bedouins cooked their food underground in earth ovens. This way of cooking does not require much equipment which is very important as they travel a lot as they roamed the desert in search of water and pastures. But over the time something changed, for example, they used metal ovens now.)
-Bread in sand
-Bedouin tea with secret ingredients
-Gelaye Pandora



Cooking   class: JD 50
Cooking class + accommodation + dinner/breakfast: JD 80


Cooking class with jeep tour ( Cooking class + Jeep Tour + accommodation + lunch/dinner/breakfast )by 2 person or more: J

Wadi Rum desert

Aqaba Governorate

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